Being a carer

Looking after yourself as a carer is really important not only for the person you look after, but for your health and well-being too. You may not even identify yourself as a ‘carer’ but the information below should help you access vital information on how to obtain an assessment or plan ahead to when you might require further support.


Carers Together – A Voice For Change!

The Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership Ltd are here to support unpaid carers across Lincolnshire in their caring role.

Our aim is to reach out to unpaid carers, now 79,262 in Lincolnshire alone (figures from the 2011 Census).

If you are an unpaid carer living in Lincolnshire there are seven important things you should know about in order to be linked in to the support available.

A Cuppa and a Chat = Carers Assessment - It can be difficult to recognise yourself as a carer; you might think you’re just being a good friend, neighbour or spouse and are ‘just doing your job’. But in reality, being a carer can be difficult and lonely at times, and so a good place to start is with a Carers Assessment.

This is an opportunity to share your feelings/experience as a carer with a dedicated person who can help you to guide you towards the help and support you are entitled to. It explores the impact your caring role has on your life and identifies, guides and helps you continue caring with support.

If you are interested in receiving an assessment and its benefits, please contact our partner organisation, The Carers Team on 01522 782224.

Carer’s Emergency Plan - What would happen to your loved one if you were unable to care? Your Emergency Plan is created by you and provides detailed instruction for others to follow in an emergency situation, giving you peace of mind. Even better, it’s free to set up!

Carers Information Pack - This is an excellent information source on many subjects relevant to carers, a Carers Journal to record your interactions with professionals and much more!

The pack was devised and created By Carers, For Carers

Carers Newsletter - This bi-monthly newsletter is full of carer’s experiences, stories, news and events. Including advice and fun content, it aims to inform and entertain carers across Lincolnshire. Created and edited by a group of carers who meet monthly, it is a great way to keep in touch with carer’s issues and be linked into the Carers Partnership. You too can send in your stories and experiences.

Carers Support Groups and Carers Partnerships - Many support groups, carer organisations and charities are working to support carers in Lincolnshire – which one could help you? The Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnerships work together with organisations and carers to improve services and support in the County.

Carer Champions - Lincolnshire now has in place many Carer Champions, who are helping to guide carers to the right support, also raising carer awareness. Together we’re shaping training and education for carers and staff.

Be Part of a ‘Community That Cares’ - Anyone can join the Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership Ltd and be involved as little or as much as you wish, you will always be supported to succeed. If you would like to find out more about the partnership, organisations supporting carers or anything mentioned above, please contact us on:

Tel: 01522 846 911

Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership Ltd
Commerce House,
Outer Circle Road

Time out, or a short break for you
Providing a break from the pressures of caring is a vital part of supporting quality of life for both carer and the person being cared for. There are a number of organisations in Lincolnshire that can provide support to help you take some time off your caring role. They offer advice, information and practical support to cares, and can act as a gateway to other services that can help carers to get the help and support they need. You could find out more following a carers assessment.

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