17 Walsworth Road

Hertfordshire SG4 9SP

Telephone: (01462) 420019

Care Types: Care HomeLearning disability/autismYounger Adults

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Last updated 19 January 2015

The inspection team was an inspector and an expert by experience. The expert-by-experience was a person who had personal experience of using this type of care service. We were accompanied by a member of the Care Quality Commission’s policy team who was assessing the inspection process.

Prior to our inspection we reviewed information we held about the service. This included previous inspection reports, statutory notifications and enquiries. The service submitted a ‘provider information return’ which was information they completed that tells us how they provide a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led service.

We spoke with the five people who used the service, one relative and six staff which included the registered manager and operations manager. We looked at records which included two care plans. We also spoke with two social workers from the local authorities who commissioned the service. We observed the staff provide care and support for people.

This report was written during the testing phase of our new approach to regulating adult social care services. After this testing phase, inspection of consent to care and treatment, restraint, and practice under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) was moved from the key question ‘Is the service safe?’ to ‘Is the service effective?’

The ratings for this location were awarded in October 2014. They can be directly compared with any other service we have rated since then, including in relation to consent, restraint, and the MCA under the ‘Effective’ section. Our written findings in relation to these topics, however, can be read in the ‘Is the service safe’ sections of this report.

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