Day opportunities and day care

Day opportunities

‘Day opportunities’ is the term we use for services and activities that focus on ordinary life opportunities and which give people with support needs, including people with complex high support needs, the chance to meet up with other people, to say what they want to do, to decide where they want to go, to try out new things in their community, and get support to do so. Day opportunities include some activities which are available in the evenings and at weekends.

Day care

By ‘day care’, we mean services that are available in a resource centre, community building or a residential home which may offer more support with personal care. Day care services have professional caring staff who can support with things like going to the toilet and reminding people to take medication. The service may also be able to offer a hot meal and drinks during the day, and a chance to socialise and take part in different activities.

Some services may be more specialised and can, for example, offer support to people with dementia or other high-dependency needs. In all cases, good day services should provide a stimulating environment and opportunities to address individual needs, including physical or mental frailty.

Day opportunities and day care are often invaluable in helping people to maintain their independence for longer. They also aim to help people improve their wellbeing, live healthier lifestyles and have a better quality of life. They can also help to give carers or family members a break from their caring role.

There are different ways to pay for and access day opportunities and day care. The information below explains how you can do this.

Self-funding is when you pay for day opportunities or day care from your own money. In many cases, access to day services may be arranged privately by approaching the service provider directly. Some providers will tailor the support to meet your needs if you want to do something more suited to you personally.

You may be able to get help to pay for services from Adult Care if you are eligible and have unmet needs. You may be offered a Personal Budget for this. See page xx for more information on Personal Budgets.

You can contact us to request an assessment of your needs and to see if you are eligible for services by phoning 01522 782155 or by emailing

Day care and day centres

We want people to have more choice and control about planning their own care and support so that services and support they receive is personalised to help them achieve their outcomes. Whilst the list below provides information on buildings-based day centres, you may prefer support to do things in your community.

Many people want to do different things in their week; this may include attending a centre providing day services, or it may be going out and about in the community, volunteering work, college, training, or sporting activities. It may be that some people just require practical support to help them to become more involved and use the amenities in their local community.

Support can include trained staff helping people learn how to use public transport by themselves, building independent living skills and enabling people to remain an active part of their community. We may be able to help you to develop such opportunities and tell you what alternatives may be available in your area.