A guide to Telecare

How can I obtain Telecare?

If you, a family member or friend (with your permission) wish to look into this, you can ring our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155 and arrange for someone to visit you and go through the range of equipment and costs with you.

If you are already in receipt of services from Adult Care and feel that Telecare could help you or your carer to achieve more independence, please talk to your practitioner. They can talk you through the options available and directly refer to the Telecare team.

Are there any charges for Telecare?

There is a charge for using Telecare services.

For example:

A basic unit and pendant is from £2.50 to £2.72 per week.

The monitoring fee is 36p per week.

The optional Wellbeing Responder Service is £1.50 per week.

All the above rental costs are excluding VAT, if applicable.

Some people who meet the national threshold for Adult Care services may be entitled to equipment loaned free of charge from Lincolnshire County Council. Please contact your health or social care practitioner or ring our Customer Service Centre to see if this is something you wish to look into.

All equipment must not be damaged, left behind in an unoccupied property or passed onto others without the consent of Lincolnshire County Council. We will invoice for anything not returned in a useable condition.

You can also explore more about what Telecare can offer you and your family on our website www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/telecare or go to www.nhs.uk and search for ‘Telecare’.