Home care/support

Home care/support

Home care is practical help with your personal care which can be provided in your own home, to enable you to remain independent for as long as possible and improve your quality of life. This is usually help with day to day personal tasks, which could include getting up, dressing, and washing, going to bed or help with eating. The service may also be able to help you to contact other agencies who can assist you with other special needs which have been identified in your support plan. This may include laundry, shopping, household chores, preparing meals or collecting a pension.

If you are an older person who is in need of assistance with everyday tasks, or have a physical or sensory disability or a mental illness, then Adult Social Care can arrange for help at home. The amount and type of support you receive each week depends upon what you and the carer decide following an assessment of your needs. If you are paying for your own care, you have freedom of choice of who you choose.

Reablement is about working with you to maximise your independence, this is usually a free service of up to six weeks duration. If at the end of Reablement you still meet the eligibility criteria and require ongoing support you will need to complete a Resource Allocation System. You can do this yourself, with help from us or with help from any other people you choose, but the form will always be checked by us. The Resource Allocation System identifies how much resource will be available to you to meet your assessed needs, how you use your money has to be described in a support plan.

Please note that home support services are chargeable. You will be offered a financial assessment to ensure you are not asked to contribute more than you can afford, and some people pay nothing. However if you have more than £23,250 in savings you will be asked to pay the full or maximum cost of your home support services.

For more details please see our Fairer Charging Policy available here:  http://www.mychoicemycare.org.uk/i-need-help-with/information,-legal-and-financial-issues.aspx or call the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155.