Support for carers

Support for carers

At present, British legislation says that you are eligible for a carer’s assessment if you provide, or are ‘intending to provide’, substantial and regular care to the person you care for and that the person you care for is someone receiving, or eligible to receive, social care services. In the near future, however, the Government has outlined proposals in their reform of health and social care that will make a carer’s assessment a right for all carers, not only those who are deemed to provide or ‘intending to provide’ substantial and regular care.

This will make it much easier for carers to access information and get effective signposting to the help they need. While this information will be available to all carers, some services such as Carers Grant or ICER (Individual Carers Emergency Respite) scheme will still be subject to eligibility criteria dependant upon need and/or care they provide to the cared for person.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Carers Support Team offers information and support for all carers. This includes support with partner organisations who have been contracted to deliver support services to Carers, our NHS partners and voluntary organisations who support specialist areas, for example carers of people with dementia.

Working together in partnership, the Carers Partnership Board meets bi-monthly and has a strategic and performance function. It receives regular feedback and reports from all service areas including the Children’s Service and Young Carer activity. At the Board the carer’s voice is welcome, heard, and acted upon. It is a way of improving carer support for the benefit of everyone.

The Cambridgeshire Carers Support Directory is published bi-annually and contains information for carers on assessments, benefits and support from partner organisations. Over 100 organisations are listed offering support for carers.

The Cambridgeshire Carers Support Directory is available from:

Carers Support Team
Cambridgeshire County Council
Box Number: IC/9C
Compass Point Business Park
Stocks Bridge Way
St Ives PE27 5JL

Tel: 01480 373282

The contact number for your local area Carer Support Manager is:

Cambridge City and South/East Cambs
Tel: 01480 373281

Tel: 01354 750010

Carers Direct
A one-stop information and advice service for carers who look after ill, frail or disabled friends and relatives.

Carers Direct includes:

  • details of assessments, benefits, direct payments, Personal Budgets and time off
  • help to maintain, leave or return to employment
  • help in education or training
  • advice on how carers maintain or improve their social and emotional well-being and their physical and mental health
  • access to health and social care for the person being cared for
  • how to access information about, and support from, health and social care services for the person being cared for.

For further information, visit: or call the 7 days a week helpline on freephone 0808 802 0202.