About HertsHelp

About HertsHelp

Need information, advice or support? Give HertsHelp a call today.

Since its launch last year, HertsHelp has helped thousands of people across Hertfordshire.

One of the first of its kind in the country, HertsHelp is a free and confidential information service offering help to all ages. It provides a single route into the wide range of expertise, support and resources offered by a network of organisations across the county.

The experienced HertsHelp advisers can put people in touch with the right organisation to help them quickly and easily, possibly saving lots of time and energy that might otherwise be spent on a long and unnecessary search. So, whether you are a carer who needs some support or a professional trying to find the right care solution for a client, HertsHelp can help you.

Here are just some of the issues that people have asked HertsHelp about:

  • how to get support if you are looking after someone
  • how to get help to stay independent
  • how to have a healthy lifestyle and stay physically fit
  • where to find emotional support and someone to talk to
  • how to get advice about money matters or benefits
  • where to find out about groups and activities to join in your area
  • how to get help to feel safe at home
  • where to get support and information about children’s issues
  • what to do if you need help to explain a problem or have your say

HertsHelp helps people find answers to these and many other questions.

A client called HertsHelp as she was concerned about her two elderly in-laws, both in their 80’s, who provide care for their cousin, Frances.

Frances lives alone and needs to be given medication regularly and the client felt that her in-laws were struggling to cope. The client wasn’t aware of any support that either the elderly couple or Frances were getting from social services and also felt that all of them required greater financial support.

The client was advised:

  • how to apply for direct payments and get support from Health and Community Services
  • about the support Carers in Hertfordshire could offer her in-laws regarding their rights and benefits that might be available to them as Frances’ carers
  • of local voluntary services, that could provide support around the home and with befriending schemes
  • that an advocacy service was available to provide support with communicating with services

In a follow-up call, the client confirmed she had contacted Health and Community Services and that Frances was in the process of being assessed to see what support was available. A local charity had also been contacted and arranged help around the home for the couple.

So if you need information to help you get out and about, live independently, understand your rights and entitlements or to volunteer in your local community, and you don’t know who to ask – HertsHelp can help.

Or if you are having problems with hospital treatment, housing, or a relative’s care home, HertsHelp can provide you with useful support and advice.

How to get in touch:
Call: 0300 123 4044 (local call rate)
Email: info@hertshelp.net
Minicom: 0300 456 2364
Text: hertshelp to 81025
Skype: Skype – HertsHelp

HertsHelp is run by POhWER, a Hertfordshire-based national charity, and is supported by Hertfordshire County Council and NHS Hertfordshire.

HertsHelp is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and until 7pm on Thursdays. For more information, visit: www.hertsdirect.org/hertshelp

Whatever the question or problem, there is just one phone number to ring – 0300 123 4044 – and the experienced advisers at the other end can provide information in a wide range of formats and refer callers to the relevant experts in the HertsHelp network of organisations.

Give HertsHelp a call today.