Tuesday 21 May 2019 |12.00-13.00 |Gregg Latchams, 7 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4JE

It can be daunting to make decisions on someone’s behalf if they appoint you using a lasting power of attorney (LPA).

You don’t need any legal experience to act as someone’s attorney, but you do need to know your rights, and the answers to these important questions:

  • Should I be charged for long-term care and how much should I pay?
  • Will I get any help towards my fees?
  • Am I entitled to any benefits?
  • How should my assets be valued?
  • What assets do I need to sell?
  • Should I update my will and how can I pass on assets to my family?
  • Is the care contract reasonable and should I try to amend the terms?
  • Will my spouse or partner be expected to pay towards my care?
  • Can my spouse, partner or other relative continue living in the family home?
  • Can I take out insurance to pay for care?
  • Can I continue to manage my own financial affairs? Should I appoint someone to act on my behalf, in the event I become mentally incapable? Should I make an advance decision, setting out my health care wishes in the event I become unable to communicate them?

We will be providing the answers to these and any other questions that you may have, so join us for a cup of tea and some cake in support of #DementiaActionWeek.

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