Activities in care homes

The word ‘activity’ can imply many different things but in the context of a care home it should mean everything a resident does from when they open their eyes in the morning until they go to sleep at night. Choosing what colour cardigan to wear can be an enjoyable activity to start the day. Watching your favourite TV programmes or listening to the birds sing might bring a smile. Attending an exercise class might make you feel better. All of these can be defined as
‘activities’. Above all they can provide a point of interest, fun and challenge to each day.

Lots of care homes now employ a dedicated Activity Coordinator. What they do and how varies from one home to another. In the best homes Activity Coordinators are fully integrated
into the staff team, play a key part in developing care plans and ensure that all staff appreciate the part they play in delivering high quality activity provision. Review the ‘Activities’ section of the care homes checklist on page 55 for questions to consider asking potential providers.