Adaptations to your home

Owner occupied and council owned property
District council housing authorities play an important part in enabling disabled people to stay in their own homes and they may be able to help if a property needs to be adapted. Each district council has different rules, but adaptations can be carried out on owner occupied and council owned property. Some councils can carry out adaptations free of charge if you are a council tenant.

Housing Associations
Some Housing Associations may carry out minor adaptations for you straight away; otherwise they generally require an occupational therapy (OT) assessment and recommendation before going ahead with any works.

Occupational therapy (OT)
The occupational therapy service supports people who have a permanent disability to live independently in their own homes. The service uses a person-centred approach to address the issues identified by individuals, within the context of their own social, cultural and physical environment.

All referrals to the OT service are prioritised according to county guidelines. Eligibility criteria must be met, please call the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on 01452 426868 for more details.