Assessing your social care needs

The City Council and Nottingham CityCare Partnership have created a single point of access to community health and adult social care services for local people. This is called the Nottingham Health & Care Point.

If you need advice on social care options, you can ask Adult Social Care Services and this may lead to a community care assessment. Everyone is entitled to one, irrespective of financial circumstances, and they are free. Adult Social Care Services also assess the needs of carers. This may involve someone from Adult Social Care Services speaking to you by telephone or visiting you, either at home or in hospital, to discuss your situation, and work out what help would be appropriate to meet your social care needs. Two assessments are carried out; the first determines what your care needs are, the second looks at your financial circumstances, and defines how much you will be expected to contribute to any care you receive. If you have assets of more than £23,250 you must pay for all care yourself although you may be entitled to claim various state benefits.

If having looked at this guidance, or having had a financial assessment, you know you will be paying for your care yourself you may wish to proceed with purchasing services listed in this Directory. You may also choose not to have a community care assessment and proceed with purchasing services yourself. The services you can purchase may be council-run or privately provided. Should you want to know more about the council-run services please contact 0115 876 3222 or email

Our aim is to help people keep their independence and to provide support to enable them to remain at home for as long as possible. All councils place risks to independence into 4 bands: ‘critical’, ‘substantial’, ‘moderate’ and ‘low’. Local authorities determine where their own threshold
is set.

In Nottingham we are committed to maintaining support for as many citizens as we can but, for those who may not be eligible for a service, we will provide information and advice on how to get help elsewhere, for example, the voluntary, charitable and independent care sectors.

Carrying out an assessment does not necessarily mean that we will give you a service. If your social care help is reviewed and your needs have reduced, we may reduce or stop the help you have been getting. In either of these situations we will provide you with advice and information about other sources of help in the community.

A copy of your assessment and care plan will be given to you, outlining the help you will be receiving.

Contacting Adult Social Care Services
Whatever your level of social care need, Adult Social Care Services will always offer advice and direct you to people who can help you if we can’t.

You can telephone the Nottingham Health and Care Point on 0300 300 33 33, or write to us at Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG or you can ask a friend, relative or your GP or nurse to contact us on your behalf.

If you are in hospital, the nursing staff can arrange for Adult Social Care Services to contact you, either during your stay in hospital, or on your return home.

For further information about eligibility for care services, please visit our website at: