Assessing your needs

Assessing your needs

Before Adult Social Services can help you set up your support they need to know more about you and your circumstances. They will ask you some questions and collect information to help establish if you are eligible to receive support.

There are a number of reasons why you might need help and support to manage your daily life. You might be getting older, have a disability or illness or you are a carer (spend time looking after someone who needs help and support insert link to carers section). Adult Social Services may ask you to work with their STAR service as part of the assessment if they think they can help you regain your independence more.

It’s important to know there is support that can help you, some provided by the Council and some by other organisations.

The Department of Adult Social Services can offer you support if you are assessed as having ‘critical’ or ‘substantial’ needs. An assessment will be completed with you and you know whether or not you are eligible for support at the end of this assessment.

There are two sections to the assessment, one is about you and the support you may need and the other is about your carer (usually family members or friends or neighbours who provide some form of care, be that physical care or emotional support, advice or advocacy support etc.) and the impact on them of doing the caring role.

The Department of Adult Social Services may not always be able to provide support directly, but they will give you advice and help about where you can get what you need.

To ask for an assessment please call CADT on 0151 606 2006.

Other services
These services do not need an assessment to access:

  • luncheon clubs
  • drop-in services
  • welfare benefits
  • advocacy
  • Blue Badges

For more information please contact the Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 606 2006.