Brokerage Service

The Brokerage Service is an office-based service and is part of Derbyshire Adult Care services.

Brokers offer support to find services or information to adults who reside within Derbyshire, but not usually Derby City, which has its own Brokerage team.

Brokers in the team can support you by identifying a range of services that may meet your individual, personalised needs and enable you to have choices and options, whether funded by the council or paid for privately.

The Brokerage Service can provide information that may help you to understand your options around who supports you.

Examples of information that could be found for you include:

  • names and contact details for home care providers in your local area;
  • costs of home care services;
  • Care Quality Commission registration details;
  • current care home vacancies within Derbyshire, along with associated costs;
  • details of any specialist care providers; and
  • information on local groups, clubs and activities in your area.

The Brokerage team can be contacted on: 01629 537763 or 01629 537758 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm). Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting: