Birdwatchers living at a Merseyside care home joined thousands of others around the UK for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Binoculars and notepads were at the ready at Aaron Grange Care Home, in Huyton, as residents listed their winged visitors.

John Woods, John Kirwan, Joe and Brenda Pennington, who all live at the home, took part in the nationwide garden wildlife survey.

They made birdfeeders by mixing lard and wild bird seed together, moulding them in plastic cups and setting them overnight in preparation.

Aaron Grange resident mixing up some bird food

The residents then hung them in the garden, with help from senior health care assistant Rachael Antley, before watching from the conservatory to see which birds would visit.

They noted robins, blackbirds, wood pigeons, magpies and sparrows, which they have submitted to the RSPB as part of the survey.

Clare Richards, home manager at Aaron Grange Care Home, on Blacklow Brow, said: “The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is a great opportunity for our keen birdwatching residents to get involved in a nationwide survey.

“They all thoroughly enjoyed making the birdfeeders and then looking out for which birds would visit the garden. The feeders got a lot of interest, with dozens of birds flying in to give them a try.”