95 Bromyard Road

95 Bromyard Road
St Johns
Worcestershire WR2 5BZ

Care Types: Care HomeMental Health

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Last updated 6 January 2018
We carried out this inspection under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 as part of our regulatory functions. This inspection was planned to check whether the provider is meeting the legal requirements and regulations associated with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, to look at the overall quality of the service, and to provide a rating for the service under the Care Act 2014.

This was a comprehensive, unannounced inspection which took place on 1 December 2017. The inspection was undertaken by one inspector.

As part of the inspection we reviewed the information we held about the service and looked at the notifications they had sent us. A notification is information about important events which the provider is required to send us by law. We requested information about the home from the Healthwatch and the local authority. Healthwatch is an independent consumer champion, which promotes the views and experiences of people who use health and social care. The local authority has responsibility for funding people who used the service and monitoring its safety and quality. We also requested information from other organisations which had supported people living at the home, so we could gain their views on how well people were cared for.

We used information the provider sent us in the Provider Information Return. This is information we require providers to send us at least once annually to give some key information about the service, what the service does well and improvements they plan to make.

During our inspection we spent time with people in the communal areas of the home and saw how staff supported the people they cared for. We spoke with four people who lived at the home. We have therefore not used quotes within this report and the examples we have given are brief because we respect people’s right to confidentiality. We also spoke with two relatives as part of the inspection.

The registered manager was not available on the days of the inspection so we talked with the deputy manager of the home and the provider’s representative. We contacted the registered manager after the inspection visit to discuss plans for developing the care people received further. We talked with three care staff members, and the provider’s representative. We also received feedback from one health care professional, who supported people who lived at the home.

We checked a range of documents and written records. These included three people’s care records, which showed us how staff monitored and promoted peoples safety. We saw three people's care records and checked how people were supported to have the medicines they needed to remain well. We checked staff recruitment and training records, so we could be sure people were being cared for by suitable staff who knew how to support them.

We also looked at information which showed us how the provider and registered manager monitored the quality of the care provided and the actions they took to develop the service further. This included questionnaires completed by, minutes of meetings with people living at the home and minutes of staff meetings. We saw the checks the registered manager undertook so they could be assured people were receiving care which met their needs, safely.

We saw key policies and procedures were in place, such as how people’s rights were promoted, how the staff would respond to any complaints made and how staff were encouraged to raise any concerns they had for people’s well-being.

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