Hunters Moor Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

Hunters Moor Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

135 Cateswell Road, Whisley Brook Lane
Hall Green
West Midlands B28 8SR

Telephone: (0121) 779 343

Care Types: Care Home with NursingMental HealthOlder PeoplePhysical DisabilityYounger Adults

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Last updated 15 July 2016

  • Janet Barnes unit is an independent hospital for people who have an acquired brain injury and need rehabilitation. It is registered for 35 beds. On inspection the unit was catering for up to 26 patients. The main unit downstairs has beds for up to 15 patients. Upstairs, the community re-integration unit (cru) has provision for 11 patients. During our visit, there were 14 patients on the main Janet Barnes unit and 9 patients on the Community Re-integration unit.

  • The unit is adjacent to Olive Carter unit, which also caters for people with acquired brain injuries. Olive Carter unit caters for people whose behaviours may be more challenging and may be subject to the Mental Health Act. Both units are run by the same organisation.

  • The unit is registered to carry out the following regulated activities;

Diagnostic & screening procedures,

Personal care,

The treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

  • Janet Barnes unit is registered with CQC as a hospital. It does not carry out diagnostic & screening procedures and does not have the facilities to do so. The unit is currently looking at options to re-register as a nursing home.

  • The unit had a new manager in place who, at the time of our visit, told us his application to register as manager was being forwarded to CQC. It had not, at the time of this inspection, been received by CQC.

  • The unit had been previously inspected on the 5, 6 and 14 March 2014 where action was needed in the following areas: co-operating with other providers; management of medicines; assessing and monitoring the quality of the service provision and records.
  • A follow up, responsive inspection on the 24 and 30 September 2015 identified shortfalls in medication management, care records and staff supervision.

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