Rosemary Court

259 Dialstone Lane
Cheshire SK2 7NA

Telephone: (0161) 484 0000

Care Types: Care HomeDrug or Alcohol DependanceOlder PeopleYounger Adults

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Last updated 10 February 2017

Rosemary Court is a residential rehabilitation facility based in Stockport in Manchester. It is part of the Acorn Recovery Projects. Acorn recovery projects run a small number of alcohol and drug addiction services across the North West of England. Rosemary Court is a residential rehabilitation facility. It provides rehabilitation for up to six men and women whose lives have been affected by drug and alcohol misuse. Clients were admitted to Rosemary Court after completing a period of detoxification either as an inpatient or in the community. The building was situated over a ground and a first floor with single bedrooms on both floors. The service offered a therapeutic programme for the clients to engage in as well as individual support from staff. Clients also maintained links with the local community whilst at Rosemary Court, engaging in mutual aid groups on a weekly basis.

There was a registered manager in place at the time of our inspection and the service is registered for accommodation for people who require treatment for substance misuse.

Rosemary Court has been registered with the care quality commission since May 2011. There have been two previous inspections with the latest being in 2014 and rosemary court was deemed compliant in all areas assessed.

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