Agincare offers high quality, personal live-in care including 24 hour home care, seven days a week to people of all ages in the comfort of their own homes.  We ensure that you or your loved ones are in a safe and happy environment no matter what their needs.

Benefits of Live-in Care

  • One-to-one care
  • Stay in your own home in familiar surroundings
  • Maintain or even improve your independence
  • The care package is tailored to your needs and lifestyle
  • Family and friends participate in your care and wellbeing
  • For care within your own home the value of your property will not be included in your means test for care funding

Why type of care does Agincare provide?

Agincare provide live-in care, tailored to individual needs and wants, from simple care to more complex high dependency care and everything in between. We offer care for anyone, young or old, to ensure they can continue living in their own home, in their own familiar space with an around the clock care worker. Our team of dedicated, highly trained staff is on hand to assist with tasks, from washing and dressing to medication and food preparation.  They are there to ensure you or your loved one lives a full happy life, in a safe and comfortable environment. More complex support, involving specialist equipment and PEG feeds, can also be arranged.  We have various levels of care available:

  • Companionship: plus smaller aspects of personal care
  • Care for people with physical disabilities
  • Care for people with chronic or terminal illness
  • Care for people with mental health problems
  • Care for people with learning difficulties
  • Care for couples to ensure they stay together

Why choose Agincare?

Agincare has over 30 years of experience of providing care to the community and is continually developing and improving their care to ensure they are able to overcome any obstacles that are experienced by their clients. We offer a free, no obligation assessment designed to assess the holistic needs of the client and to create a bespoke, person-centred service.

For Agincare, the client is at the heart of our business; we ensure that those in our care can stay in their own homes, including couples who would often be separated in care homes, where they have the freedom to see their family as often as they would like and be able to be with their beloved pets who often would not be allowed in a care home. Agincare Live-in Care also gives one-to-one care and allows continuity of lifestyle and more freedom to continue living the life that you or your loved one wants.

We work together with families, any clinicians involved and, most importantly, the person who will be in our care to ensure that a bespoke service is created around the requirements of all involved. We aim to offer peace of mind and reassurance to not just the family but the person that is in our care.

Agincare is proudly a CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated service; not all live-in care providers are regulated by the CQC. The CQC ensure the rights of vulnerable people are protected, including those whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act. Making fair and authoritative judgments, supported by the best information and evidence, the CQC are able to take appropriate action if care services are failing to meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. At Agincare we think it is important to provide total transparency to our clients and feel that the registration, inspections, and auditing that are provided by the CQC are a necessity to provide reassurance of quality to the families and the people that we care for.

Our team of carers

Agincare look for a special blend of compassion, common sense, reliability, good humour and a great work ethic when we are recruiting our carers. We understand that our staff are our most valuable asset and have a great amount of responsibility and trust given to them; as such they are continually trained and nurtured to ensure they provide the best care possible. They are always professional and strike the right balance between being supportive, promoting independence and offering reassurance to those that are in their care, as well as to the family of those in our care. Our office team and community-based managers will be there for you when you need them;  they monitor and coordinate your service and become the familiar voice and face of Agincare to you and your family.

Funding Care

Live-in care can be more expensive than a care home but gives much more freedom and independence. You can apply for financial assistance from the State to help with the cost. State assistance for care is means tested but as you are living in your home, your property should be excluded from these financial assessments.

Starting from just £695 per week, Agincare’s Live-in Care offers a realistic and affordable alternative to care home admission. Agincare give you and your family peace of mind in the comfort and surroundings of your own home. For more information about Agincare, and our services free phone the Live-in Care service on 08000 121 247.