Care and Support Assessment in Nottinghamshire

There are a number of services available to help you which are listed on

Please contact us on: 0300 500 80 80 for information and advice on Care and Support Assessments. 

Will I have to pay towards my care?

To help you understand how a direct payment could work for you, we have collected some examples of how people in Nottinghamshire are using direct payments at the moment.

Case Study
“Can I just say that the help our aunt is receiving from the personal assistant (PA) is of great benefit to her? The direct payment system seems to be working for us.

“My aunt now has structure to her day, the PA ensures that our aunt takes her medication and supplies her with hot meals. The PA has gained my aunt’s confidence and is able to assist with some personal care, which we weren’t sure she would accept initially. It takes some pressure off us, as both myself and my brothers work and have families, so it’s difficult for us to be there as often as my aunt needs. However, it is comforting to know that someone we can trust is helping our aunt and is able to liaise with us and alert us to any concerns.”

This is the view of a family member whose aunt has dementia and receives a personal budget via a direct payment.

Case Study
Miss R is 24 years old with a physical disability and is a wheelchair user. Miss R lives with her mother in Nottinghamshire, but she wanted to attend university to complete a degree. When living with her mother during the holidays, she doesn’t require any paid support, as her mother meets all her needs.

Following her assessment, she was able to identify very clear outcomes in her support plan: to feel safe, to get up and ready for her day at university, to be comfortable during the day and night, to have a clean and tidy home and to be able to enjoy a meal.

It is essential to Miss R that she is able to have flexibility in how and when her outcomes are met. She needs to be able to call on support as required, but have time to herself and an element of freedom and independence.

Miss R has chosen to have her personal budget as a direct payment. Miss R has been very happy with the support she has been able to purchase with her direct payment. It has given her the choice and control she needs to live her life independently and enjoy her life at university. She is now in her final year.

Where can I get more information about direct payments?

You can contact us on: 0300 500 80 80. If you are eligible and decide to have all or part of your personal budget as a direct payment, we can provide you with more information in the form of fact sheets.

Arranging services on your behalf

If you pay for your own care, and you want us to help arrange community-based services on your behalf, there is a £100 charge for this ‘brokerage’ service. It may include things like:

  • ringing round providers to discuss your requirements;
  • taking you to visit a provider;
  • negotiating rates with providers; and
  • arranging taster sessions.