Carelink is a service that allows people to live independently in their own homes and provides a basic telecare equipment community alarm that can trigger a response in an emergency and provides regular contact by telephone.

The service can also provide an integrated system that includes detectors and monitors for movements, falls, fire and gas, which will trigger a warning in the monitoring centre. Using Carelink means that you will be safer, more secure and will be able to maintain your independence for as long as possible.

It is possible to purchase telecare services without going through the Council. Age UK Bromley, in conjunction with Help the Aged, offer a ‘just-in-case’ 24 hour personal alarm service which will connect you with an operator when you push it.  For further information you can phone: 020 8315 1850, email: or have a look at their website on:

You can be considered by asking for a social care assessment yourself, which includes a Telecare assessment, or this can be done on your behalf by a concerned family member, friend or care professional such as your doctor. For further advice or information or to arrange for someone to come and talk to you about Telecare, please contact Bromley Social Services Direct on 020 8461 7777. If you are assessed as eligible for services, the equipment itself is free and there is not a charge for installation or removal of the equipment. There is a small weekly charge payable to Carelink, who monitor the Telecare service.