Caring for someone who is dependent on you can place extra demands on your day-to-day life and you may need some help to enable you to cope. Most of the help available will be designed for the person you care for, but it should always help to take the strain off you a little too.

Emergency Alert Card

It is important to let others know you are a carer to ensure the person you care for will be properly supported and cared for in cases of an emergency.

The Emergency Alert Card is a card that you can carry with you in case you have an accident or an emergency when away from home. You register your details with Wightcare giving details of what should be done to ensure the wellbeing of the person you care for. No details appear on the card, just a registration number and the Wightcare telephone number. The service is completely free of charge and can provide great peace of mind. For more information contact Wightcare on: 01983 821105.

Respite care

Everyone needs to be able to take a break from time to time and, as a carer, you are no exception. Don’t feel guilty about wanting some time to yourself – you may want a few hours to relax and catch your breath, or you may want a weekend (or even longer) to get away without the person you care for. This is all very normal – if you don’t take some time off, you may find that your ability to cope with caring starts to decline.
The type and length of break you have can also be assessed along with those of the person you care for.

There are a number of options:

  • support in your home for the person you care for can
    be arranged so you can have a short break from your
    caring role;
  • overnight or short stays in a residential placement
    might be the best option if you wish to have a break for
    longer than a couple of hours; or
  • if you have sufficient funds, you may wish to arrange
    home-based respite care where another carer moves
    into your home for a short period.

For more information on services for carers contact the First Response Team on: 01983 814980.