Ashworth Grange self-confessed ‘dare-devil duo’, Sharon Hudson and Caroline Williams, have completed a 10,000 ft tandem charity skydive.

The Charity jump, which took place earlier this month, was in support of co-worker Heather Bond, whose son has been diagnosed with rare progressive brain disease, Leukodystrophy. The funds will go towards the family, and making sure they can enjoy the time they have together.

Leukodystrophy is a rare and progressive disease that affects the brain and spinal cord and often the peripheral nerves. Heather and her partner got the heart-breaking news about their 3-year-old Eli’s life shortening disease in early June. They are now focusing on making as many special memories with him as possible.

Taking a leap!

The duo completed their courageous charity skydive at Grindale, Bridlington in North Yorkshire. The care team reached their initial target of £1000 within just four days of launching the Go Fund Me page. They have since gone on to raise another £1340; which will go towards special trips out for Eli and his family, as well as specialised mobility equipment.

Making a difference

Care Manager, Sharon Hudson, said; ‘the whole Ashworth Grange team was devastated by the news and we immediately began thinking of ways we could try to help Heather and her family during this extremely difficult time’.

‘In the past we have successfully raised money for Dementia UK by completing sponsored skydives and thought this would be a great way to do the same for Eli. We have been delighted by the response from our residents families and the local community and I am looking forward to hearing about all the special memories Eli and his family make with the money we have raised’.

Eli’s Mother, Heather, said; ‘Both myself and James have been so overwhelmed with the response from our family, friends, co-workers and people in our local community. It is not until something like this happens you realise how kind and generous people really are’.  

If you would also like to donate to Heather and Eli please click here.