For some people, a stairlift is an essential piece of equipment. It enables an individual with low mobility to move freely in their home and maintain independence.

It enables seniors and people with disabilities to stay in the home they know and love. Without a stairlift, some people have to leave their homes and move into a more “suitable” property.

However, when it comes to getting a stairlift, there’s so much to think about. And we’re sure you have plenty of questions…

How do you know which stairlift is right for your home? Do you need to buy a stairlift or would a rental stairlift be sufficient? Does it need to be brand new or would a reconditioned stairlift do the job? How much do stairlifts cost? And is funding available to pay for one?

In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions on how to choose the right stairlift. Starting with the types of stairlifts available.

Types Of Stairlifts

The type of stairlift you choose will depend on the type of staircase you have. Is your staircase a standard straight staircase? Or does it curve? Maybe your staircase has a midway landing, or perhaps it is very narrow. Whatever type of staircase you have, there will be a stairlift for you.

There are two main types of stairlifts; straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts.

  • Straight stairlifts are the most common type of stairlift and are suitable for standard straight staircases that do not have curves or midway landings.
  • Curved stairlifts are ideal for homes that feature a curved staircase with a change of direction or a midway landing.

Choosing between a straight stairlift and a curved stairlift is simple, as it depends on your type of staircase. However, there are various models of each stairlift that have different features.

For example, some stairlifts are more compact than others, making them suitable for narrow staircases. The Handicare 1100 Rail is the narrowest straight stairlift on the market, making it perfect for staircases that are short on space.

If you are unsure about which stairlift would be best for your staircase, it is usually best to speak to a stairlift expert. During a consultation, a stairlift expert will discuss your requirements and advise you on the best stairlift model for your needs.

There may be additional features that will benefit you, such as a folding footplate powered from the arm switch or a powered hinged rail that allows the stairlift rail to be folded and tucked out of the way when not in use.

New Vs Reconditioned Stairlifts

Aside from choosing a stairlift model, you also have to choose between a new or reconditioned stairlift.

If money is not an object and you would like the best of the best, then buying a brand new stairlift is a great option. A new stairlift may also be the best option if you require a specific model or certain features.

Alternatively, you could opt for a reconditioned stairlift. Reconditioned stairlifts have been previously used but are still in great condition.

They are serviced and any parts that aren’t in excellent condition are replaced with new parts. Then, they are rigorously tested to ensure they work just as perfectly as new stairlifts.

The benefit of buying a reconditioned stairlift is the cost – reconditioned stairlifts are cheaper than new stairlifts. They are perfect if you are on a budget.

As with new stairlifts, reconditioned stairlifts are expertly fitted by stairlift engineers and come with a warranty.

Buying Vs Renting A Stairlift

Did you know that you can rent a new or reconditioned stairlift? Renting a stairlift can work out as an affordable alternative to buying a stairlift, especially if you only need it for a short amount of time.

With a rental stairlift, you pay a monthly fee for however long you need the stairlift. Once the stairlift is no longer needed, simply get in touch with the stairlift provider and they will remove it from the home.

Renting a stairlift is a great option for many people. For example, if an elderly individual has fallen and injured themselves and is going to take a few months to recover, a rental stairlift will be ideal. Similarly, it is a great option if someone is recovering from an illness that has affected their mobility.

Rental stairlifts are also an excellent option for someone receiving palliative care, as it provides freedom of movement throughout the home.

Renting a stairlift is also a good way to see whether or not you would benefit from investing in a stairlift. If you find that you don’t use the stairlift as much as you thought you would, or if you don’t like it, you know not to buy one.

Can I Get Funding For A Stairlift?

Renting a stairlift or buying a reconditioned stairlift are both cheaper alternatives. However, there are still costs involved. And if you need to buy a new stairlift, there will be a cost that is expensive to many people.

Although they can be expensive, stairlifts are an invaluable piece of equipment that has a major positive impact on your life. If you are struggling to afford a stairlift, you may be eligible for funding.

The government Disabled Facilities Grant is available to apply for via your local council. Whether you are eligible for the grant depends on several factors, including your household income and savings. In England, you can get up to £30,000 to enable you to make adaptations to your home.

Aside from the Disabled Facilities Grant, some charities provide funding for people who need them. For example, the Edward Gosling Foundation provides grants to charities that support people of all ages living on low incomes who have a physical and/or mental disability.

Similarly, the SSAFA is an armed forces charity that provides funding to supply stairlifts to anyone who has served in the armed forces. And the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) can offer stairlift grants to farming families across the UK.

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