Community care services

Community care services

Shared Lives
The Shared Lives scheme is for older people, adults with learning disabilities or mental health needs and their families by providing a helping hand. People who need a bit of extra help can do the things they enjoy through short breaks, long term care and daytime support. Shared Lives carers provide this help in their own home or in the homes of the people being cared for. The care provided will be tailored to your individual circumstances and assessed needs.

To take advantage of the scheme, your needs will be assessed by Adults, Health and Social Care. Your assessment will include any special requirements you have such as personal care needs, dietary requirements, religious and cultural needs and preferred method of communication. You can telephone Gateway to Care on 0845 11 11 103 for further information.

Careline Community alarm service
This is a care alarm service offered by Calderdale Council. It allows you to summon help in an emergency, by pressing an alarm button carried on a pendant around your neck or on a wristband. This will raise an alert with the 24 hour response centre. The care alarm can be attached to a range of telecare detectors, sensors and alarms to help maintain independence. If you would like to know more, please contact Gateway to Care on 0845 11 11 103.

Frozen meals service
Gateway to Care can arrange for meals to be delivered direct to you following a short telephone assessment. This service costs £3.20 for a two course meal (April 2012). You can choose from a number of meals. Frozen meals are delivered to your home fortnightly or monthly. The meals are then reheated in a conventional oven, microwave or steamer. Many diets are catered for, including diabetic, vegetarian, low fat, low salt, low carbohydrate, gluten free, soft diet, Asian vegetarian, Halal, Kosher and Afro Caribbean.

Occupational therapy
If you are an adult with a physical disability, a Community Occupational Therapist can assess your situation at home and help you to overcome any difficulties you may be having with day-to-day life. These might include getting in and out of the house, getting up and down stairs, using the bathroom or taking a bath.

We have specialist knowledge of equipment, alternative ways of doing daily tasks and ways to adapt your home. If we recommend specialised equipment, we can arrange for you to try it out at home free of charge.

You can contact Gateway to Care to ask to have your care needs assessed and to be referred to the Community Occupational Therapy Assessment Service. Assessments are carried out in your own home. For those who are able and wanting to fund their own equipment or adaptations, advice and information is available. For more information, contact Gateway to Care on 0845 11 11 103.