Council day services

Acorn Resource Centre
Mary Potter Health Centre, Gregory Boulevard NG7 5HY
Acorn Resource Centre supports citizens with sensory and physical impairments. Acorn is able to support adults over 18, and activities range from discussion groups to a very popular craft club.

Albany House
Orby Close, St Ann’s NG3 2FP
Albany House supports older people with dementia, physical and sensory impairments and mental health needs.

The Indian Centre
Hucknall Road NG5 1QZ
Based in Carrington, the Indian Centre provides support for older citizens from Indian communities with different needs. All meals are authentic Indian recipes and staff speak a range of community languages.

Long Meadow
Meadows Way NG2 3DZ
Long Meadow is able to provide specialist support for citizens with dementia, along with those with physical and sensory impairments.

Marcus Garvey
Lenton Boulevard NG7 2ET
The Marcus Garvey day service supports older members of the African-Caribbean community. All staff are from the African-Caribbean community and meals are authentic Caribbean fare.

Martin Jackaman
62 Robins Wood Road, Aspley NG8 3LD
Citizens with learning disabilities, sensory and physical needs are supported to live independent active lives at Martin Jackaman. The service provides a range of activities from cookery to drama, and has a hydrotherapy pool which can be hired as well as being used by citizens using the service for therapeutic needs.

Pakistan Centre
163 Woodborough Road, NG3 1AX
Based on Woodborough Road, the Pakistan Centre provides a supportive environment for older members of the Pakistani Muslim community. All staff are of Pakistani-Muslim origin and speak community languages. Halal lunches are available.

Ransom Drive, Mapperley NG3 5LR
Springwood Day Service offers citizens with moderate, severe and profound learning disabilities a supportive environment to enjoy a range of activities. The service is home to the popular drama group Evergreen, which gives citizens the opportunity to develop performance skills alongside other life skills.

Summerwood Lane, Clifton NG11 9DR
Summerwood offers citizens with physical, sensory and learning disabilities the opportunities to be involved in a range of activities to enable more independent and active lives.

The Willows and Open Door at The Willows
Ambergate Road, Beechdale NG8 3DG
The Willows offers day services to people over-50 with a range of needs. The service boasts a range of activities, from snooker to movie days, alongside a popular community café. The Willows also hosts the Open Door service for citizens with mental health difficulties.