Council Help

If you are frail, disabled or ill, Bromley Council may be able to provide services to help you and your carers get the support that you need to live as independently as possible for as long as you are able. To ensure that services go to Bromley residents in greatest need, there are eligibility criteria for all adults aged 18 years and over who have a permanent disability or need long-term care. Priority for services is given to those whose needs have been assessed as meeting the criteria.

To be eligible for social care services you must be:
• an adult aged 18 or over, living in Bromley, who needs long-term care because of frailty, age, long-term conditions or disability or mental ill-health; or
• a carer and/or a representative who supports an adult aged over 18 or over with the needs outlined above.

This includes services for adults who are:
• blind or partially sighted;
• deaf or hard of hearing; or
• older people.
or those who have:
• physical disabilities;
• learning disabilities; or
• mental ill-health.

To make sure that the Council offers fair access to care services for all adults who request help, it uses the Government guidelines, which are set for all local authorities, which can be found at

Bromley Council offers help if it thinks there are ‘critical’ or ‘substantial’ risks to your independence. It does not offer services if the risks are only ‘moderate’ or ‘low’ but will give advice and information about how you can help yourself and will redirect you to other sources of support and practical help wherever possible.

If you think you or someone you care for needs a Social Care Assessment – then please visit the Bromley MyLife website or contact Bromley Social Services Direct on 020 8461 7777 or by email to:, where you will be able to get further advice and guidance.

Please go to where you will find a wide range of information, advice and guidance.