Council home care

Intake Reablement
This service is primarily for citizens who have recently been discharged from hospital, or those who would benefit from short term support. Care workers will work with you to enable you to build confidence in everyday tasks, whilst supporting you in meeting your needs. The Intake Reablement team will help you in regaining skills that you may have lost whilst you were in hospital by supporting you in living your life independently. The service can be set up quickly to enable you to be confident that when you leave hospital someone will be able to support you in regaining confidence as soon as you want.

Nottingham Emergency Homecare Service (NEHCS)
NEHCS are able to provide short term short notice support to people in their own homes, either to support people immediately on leaving hospital, or to prevent hospital admission. NEHCS also provide a ‘Through The Night’ service which enables people who may need support in the night to return to their own homes rather than remain in hospital.