Day care services

Day care services

These offer the chance to meet other people outside your home, share activities and have a meal. It is possible to have help getting to and from the day care centre. You can only attend some of the day centres if you have been assessed by Health and Community Services as needing the service and meet eligibility criteria. There are other opportunities such as luncheon clubs and community cafes that are open to all.

The range of support includes:

  • looking after very frail or mentally infirm older people
  • providing social activities and companionship for older people
  • helping people with physical disabilities to regain their skills and manage daily living
  • helping people with learning disabilities to develop their abilities
  • helping people with mental health problems to regain their confidence and manage everyday life
  • providing day-time care for very frail and severely disabled people so that their main carers can take a break.

Day care services target those in greatest need and also provide support to carers.

If you are eligible, you may be able to have a direct payment to arrange your own services.