As it can be best for the person living with dementia to remain living in their own home for as long as possible, a range of community care services are available to facilitate this. Gloucestershire County Council can provide access to: home care; meals in the home; sitting services (which provide a break for carers); advice on equipment and adaptations; day centres and short breaks. Friends and family can access carers’ education to help support individuals whilst at home this can be accessed through the Alzheimer’s Society or through the ‘Managing memory’ service who can be contacted directly or through your GP.

Some simple changes can be made around a home to make it more suitable for you and with the right support to both you and your carer, a good quality of life can be maintained through the illness.These services can be provided directly by registered providers to those who do not require financial help from Gloucestershire County Council, however they will still be willing to offer an assessment of need. You may have a choice of which provider you receive your care from whether or not Gloucestershire County Council assists with the funding of your service.

If you are considering a care home, remember it should be able to maintain and improve your quality of life. Depending on your needs, you should be able to live in a care home that offers quality personal care and person-centred care. It’s important to consider homes that provide nursing care in case your condition progresses and you develop more complex needs. Many care homes offer specialist environments with experienced nursing staff and facilities adapted to the needs of residents living with dementia.

You can benefit from a range of group or individual therapies involving social interaction and mental stimulation, including reminiscence. Activity co-ordinators can provide you with reality orientation, reminiscence and validation therapy. Music therapy, art therapy approaches and other creative therapies can also be helpful.

Behaviour management approaches that promote understanding of the behaviour of the person with dementia can also be beneficial and trained staff can offer this service within many care organisations that are both domiciliary and residentially based. Care providers that specialise in care for people with dementia are shown with D in their listing.