Dementia Care in Nottinghamshire

Specialist dementia care

Usually, the initial point of contact to access care services is either your GP (for health care solutions) or you can contact us (for most other services) on: 0300 500 80 80. Your GP, as well as discussing your concerns, will be able to refer you to the Memory Assessment Service in your area. This service will be able to carry out a series of tests which will establish the nature of your condition and advise whether treatment is possible. You will also be able to access the Dementia Advice and Support Service which can give advice about dementia and local support services.

If the time comes when remaining at home is no longer possible, the benefits of moving into a care home may need to be considered. Differentiating one care home from another can be difficult but the quality and quantity of staff training is especially important, along with the turnover of staff, as continuity of relationships in this type of home is critical. Advice on choosing care homes for people with dementia is available from the Alzheimer’s Society: or Age UK: We have also introduced the Dementia Quality Mark to recognise high-quality dementia care in care homes.

Dementia Quality Mark

The Dementia Quality Mark (DQM) was introduced to set the standard for high-quality dementia care in older people’s care homes within Nottinghamshire. It is awarded to care homes that have evidenced that they provide a high standard of care to people living with dementia.

Criteria that the homes have to meet to achieve the award include: having a positive attitude towards dementia, allowing people with dementia emotional and physical freedom, ensuring daily routines are carried out, and providing meaningful activities and stimulation.

Care homes that are awarded the DQM receive an enhanced payment for residents living with dementia identified as requiring more specialist care.

More information about the DQM and a list of current homes with the DQM can be found at: