Derbyshire Care Providers Association

(formerly the Derbyshire Care Homes Association)

This publication provides you with a lot of information regarding care homes and their services within the county. The Derbyshire Care Providers Association (DCPA) represents the independent sector and supports care providers to enable them to improve the quality of life for residents in care homes.

The DCPA managing committee meet regularly throughout the year and also meet with local authorities, councillors, MPs, NHS and the regulators, the Care Quality Commission, to lobby and consult on behalf of care providers and their residents.

The last year has seen much exposure in the media regarding abuse, neglect and poor standards in some hospitals. The media report this as well as issues in care homes, but the vast majority of care providers provide an excellent caring service carrying out their work quietly in an effective way promoting choice, dignity, privacy and independence in an individualised manner. Bad news is nearly always reported by the media. Good news and good practice are rarely mentioned.

It is common for people moving into a care home to rediscover what life has to offer, making new friends and to start enjoying life again. The help that a person receives in a care home will be planned to meet their specific needs in such a way that privacy, dignity, independence and individuality are recognised and maintained at the highest level.

As well as having rights within the home, there is also a legal right to choose which care home you wish to live in. If you receive funding support from the local authority to pay for care home fees, you may need a relative or friend to pay a ‘top-up’ charge to the care home on top of what the local authority contributes.