Elite Carer Jakub and his client Callum have completed their mission – an attempt the Musala Hike in Bulgaria!

Jakub took Callum step by step in order to get him used to the climate, the mountains and walking in snow before they began their ascent.

During the hike on Everest Mountain by Ice Lake, they enjoyed breath taking views of the mountains.

Elite Carers bulgaria climb - amazing viewJakub and Callum are now at a Climbing Camp where Callum is honing his basic climbing skills to help him get ready for Monserrat in Spain next year.

Elite carers Jakub and service user Callum

Elite Carers provide experienced, qualified and vetted carers to provide assistance on a on a one-to-one basis. The care they provide goes above and beyond usual live-in-care services – even so far as hiking in foreign climes!