If you have a disability or illness that makes daily life difficult, you may be able to get equipment, such as a walking aid, or home adaptations, such as handrails, to make life at home easier for you and anyone who helps you with care tasks. Northumbria Healthcare provides equipment free to meet both social and health needs through its Joint Equipment Loans Service (JELS).

To get equipment a health or social care professional will assess the needs of the person who needs help and the needs of the carer. You can ask to see an occupational therapist by contacting Adult Social Care. If you choose to buy your own equipment you still have the right to ask for an assessment beforehand so that you can choose equipment with the benefit of skilled professional advice.

Adaptations to your home may be recommended following an assessment by an occupational therapist, who will pass on any recommendation to the Home Improvement Agency or Housing Department who will offer help.

If you would like more details about JELS ask your care manager or call Adult Social Care on 01670 536 400. Alternatively, you can purchase equipment yourself, trying it before you buy. Two voluntary providers are:

  • Disability North, Dene Centre, Newcastle  Tel: 0191 284 0480
  • Independability Project, Morpeth Tel: 01670 515200