Other equipment available in North Yorkshire

Other equipment available

North Yorkshire County Council also has a tool on the AskSARA website, which is an online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping you with daily activities in your own home. It is an alternative option to contacting us directly for a needs assessment. To find out more, visit: www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/28938/AskSARA-for-advice-and-support-to-help-daily-living

Health occupational therapy

The health occupational therapy service covers stays in hospital and returning home. It provides a specialist therapeutic service, including assessment, treatment and ensuring a safe discharge back home after hospital admission.

If you are not already in contact with us, please contact the Customer Service Centre on: 01609 780780 or, for our further information, visit: www.northyorks.gov.uk/ Relevant details will be taken from you and an assessment will be arranged if it is necessary.

A social care assessor or occupational therapist will then come out and talk to you further about the issues you are facing.