Financial and legal issues

Self-funding advice

If you would like the Council to arrange and manage a care package to meet those needs, rather than making your own arrangements directly with your chosen service provider(s), you will be charged a one-off arrangement fee of £445.

What will I have to pay for my care?

Lincolnshire County Council’s contribution to care costs

We will pay the following rates if we are supporting you in a care home or care home with nursing. The rates shown will be reviewed in April 2017 and include a person’s assessed contribution as well as our contribution.


Category of care                                           New Placements (per week)

Older People Residential                                £432

Older People High Dependency                     £480

Older People Nursing                                     £469

Mental Health Residential                              £450

Mental Health Nursing                                    £469

Learning Disability Residential/Nursing         £506

Physical Disability Residential/Nursing          £557