Residents at Watling Court Extra Care Housing Scheme create creepy crafts for their Halloween bash.

Ahead of their annual Spooktacular Halloween party, residents of Watling Court Extra Care Housing Scheme, got together to create some daring decorations for party night.

Keen to contribute to the planning of the party, residents spent a morning embracing their creative sides and making their very own hanging decorations for the scheme. Spiders, bats and paper-mache pumpkins were just a few of their creepy conceptions.

Helen Goulding, Housing Officer at Watling Court commented:

“We love a party here at Watling Court, as it’s great to get together and have some fun. But what is really great, is that everyone comes together to make the arrangements, and they all help each other to get things ready, it’s a really caring environment here.

“We’ve developed a really strong community here at Watling Court, everyone supports one another, and in turn, we have a lot of fun together, and that is what extra care housing is about, reducing loneliness and boosting sociability and wellbeing. We’re all very much looking forward to the party!”