Third Party Payment

If the home you choose costs more that the rate the local authority usually pays for someone with your needs, you will have the choice to ask someone else to make a third party payment.

If there is no-one available to supply the extra payment, you can ask the local authority to find you another placement at the rate they would normally expect to pay. If, however, you do decide to live in the more expensive home and you have someone who is able to make an additional payment for you, they will have to pay the difference between your local authority rate and the amount the home charges. This additional payment is often referred to as a ‘top-up’ or ‘third party contribution’.

The law says that you are not allowed to make this additional payment yourself, except in limited circumstances. Therefore, the additional payment has to be made by someone else, for example, a family member or charity.

Before anyone agrees to make a third party payment on your behalf they should be aware that the amount could change, usually increase, once a year and they need to be confident that they can sustain the payments for as long as they are required. If the additional payments stop being paid for any reason, then you should seek help and advice via Adult Social Care.