Get more out of life

Building your own circle of support
‘Your Circle’ is Gloucestershire County Council’s innovative way of addressing some of the challenges faced by those using the adult social care system. The idea is to give people, families and carers improved choice and control over the support they receive and who provides it, backed up by a website-based service. It helps you to build a personal support network of trusted people, services or even places, which can help you live life the way you want to.

Linking people and services
The website: offers advice and links people to the services and support they need to help them live independently for as long as possible.

Most people explain that they want to keep living in their own home. The Council wants to help people avoid longer term or institutional care and have a more fulfilling life. By working with health partners to provide free and intensive short term support, the Council will help people recover quickly from illness or accidents, maximising their independence. For younger people with disabilities, the Council wants to promote opportunities to learn new skills that will give them more independence too.

If you are eligible for support from adult social care you can have a personal budget, allowing you to decide what support you receive and who delivers it – providing it meets the needs which are identified during your assessment, is legal, keeps you safe and offers value for money. The Council will work with you to agree what your best options are.

For more information
There are a number of information sheets available on the
website which you can download, including:
• assessing your needs;
• financial assessment and your personal budget;
• developing your support plan;
• arranging your support and keeping you safe; and
• your questions answered.

Visit: or call the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on: 01452 426868. The information sheets can be produced in large print, on audio tape and in Easy Read versions. If you would like a copy in one of these formats, please call: 01452 426868.

All the topics mentioned above are covered in detailin the following pages of this Directory, which is also available on the web: