Getting out and about

What things are there to do?

Keeping active and socialising with others is a great way to keep healthy and independent – this doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or taking up a sport (although it may!) but can be as simple as doing the things that you have always done:

• going to bingo;
• shopping;
• visiting friends;
• going out for coffee or lunch;
• going to community events;
• joining an art/woodwork/singing group etc;
• going to the theatre/cinema;
• visiting parks and gardens;
• helping to walk the dogs at the local kennel; or
• relaxation rooms/treatments/therapies.

These are just examples of the many things that you might want to do and it is worth remembering that these are still available to you in many ways – for example you can arrange these yourself, with a group of friends or you could see if anything has already been organised, if you are eligible to receive help from the council (see pages 4 and 5).

There are also more structured events for people who need assistance with personal care/eating/etc whilst away from their daily home arrangements. Often these are arranged by local voluntary groups and include a visit from the chiropodist or hairdresser plus lunch/bingo etc.

These all provide an excellent way to socialise, meet new friends and enjoy different surroundings and can help you from becoming isolated. They can also give your carer a break and give them some time to themselves. Many of these activities are likely to exist fairly close to your home.

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How can I get there?

There are a number of ways to help you to get out and about in Stoke-on-Trent so that you can be independent and socialise with others.

Bus pass – if you are over 65 or have certain disabilities you can have free bus travel in the UK (Monday to Friday: 9.30 to 23.00 and weekends/bank holidays: anytime) Disabled parking – if you have a severe and permanent disability you may be entitled to a Blue Badge which enables you to park closer to where you want to be.

If you qualify for council help then one of their transport schemes may be able to help you to get out and about.

For information on these and other travel options please visit