A guide to Telecare in Lincolnshire

Telecare is widely used throughout the county to support people to live safely at home.

Telecare in Lincolnshire can help you remain independent and feel safer in your own home, knowing that help can be summoned quickly. This may be from a family member, friend or, if necessary, a member of the emergency services.

How do I use Telecare in Lincolnshire?

Telecare has been developed from what was originally called a lifeline system, and now uses a range of wireless sensors that are placed around your home or that can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist.

You can press the pendant to immediately be connected to the 24-hour monitoring centre or the sensors will automatically call the monitoring centre if they detect a risk. A risk may be a fall, fire or if you haven’t taken essential medication. When the Telecare monitoring centre is alerted, trained advisers can talk to you.

This service is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I don’t have family or friends who can respond?

Wellbeing Responders can visit you after an alarm has been raised to the monitoring centre. Sometimes people do not have family or friends nearby or able to respond when a visit is needed.

The Wellbeing Response teams visit as a family responder would visit, to check everything is alright, provide reassurance and get any further help as required. The charge for this optional service is £1.50 per week.

You need to plan how the emergency services or Wellbeing Responders can gain access to your home in an emergency. The monitoring centre can securely record details of key holders, a key safe, or pin code to your property.

This information would only be given to the emergency services or Wellbeing Responder if an alert were to be raised from your property.

Who can Telecare help?

Telecare can help people who:

  • are at risk of falls
  • are vulnerable due to reduced mobility or a disability
  • have a carer who may need support
  • have memory issues, including dementia
  • have long-term health conditions which affect their mental or physical health
  • have a learning disability and want to be more independent
  • are starting to leave their home at inappropriate times of the day
  • have recently been discharged from hospital

Daily wellbeing phone calls

Daily and weekly wellbeing phone calls are used to check you are okay and remind you of medication, meals or drinks to help you stay well. People who have used this service say that it increases confidence and wellbeing as they realise someone will check on them regularly and get help if they don’t respond. There will be a small charge for this call.

How can I get Telecare in Lincolnshire?

If you already receive services from Adult Care and feel that Telecare could help you or your carer to achieve more independence, please talk to your practitioner. They can talk to you about the options available and make a referral to the Telecare team.

If you, a family member or friend (with your permission) wish to discuss how Telecare can help you, you can ring the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155 and talk through the options with them.

Telecare is also available for people who wish to rent or buy the service privately from our approved providers. We have worked closely with them so that the equipment and prices are the best they can provide.

The system will be installed and you will be shown how it works. It will be monitored and maintained for as long as you need it and it will be removed when you no longer need it so that it can be loaned to others.

The system needs to be tested monthly so that you know everything is working as it should.

How do I know what equipment is available?

We are working with our providers to develop the range of equipment available and information about this will be available as it develops. The practitioners within Adult Care, clinicians in health, wellbeing service providers and our Customer Service team should all be able to provide details of what is available and suitable for your needs.

Are there any charges for Telecare?

There is a charge for Telecare services in Lincolnshire and this depends on which provider you use for your system.

We have providers that we have commissioned and there are others available throughout Lincolnshire. When you ring the Customer Service Centre they should be able to provide details of our providers and the costs depending on the type of equipment you require.

We are working with our new provider to update the details of all equipment available and the costs.

Equipment must not be damaged, left behind in an unoccupied property or passed onto others, as it is property of Lincolnshire County Council. We will invoice for anything not returned in a useable condition so that we can continue to loan equipment to those who need it.

You can explore more about what Telecare can offer you and your family on www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/telecare