As part of Culture Coventry’s community outreach, artists WeAreFrilly recently held workshops at Willows Care Home, Coventry.

Now, a thought-provoking project has been realised thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The residents produced artwork about holidays from days gone by. Inspired by the residents’ and their memories, WeAreFrilly created an art instillation of gulls for the Coventry Transport Museum’s Workdays and Holidays exhibition.

Seagulls at the coventry transport museum

The gulls flutter above holiday vehicles, as if heading towards the sea. They embody the nostalgia of childhood holidays and visits to the seaside, which is a familiar experience for many people. When combined with the real sounds of Coventry’s own gulls, we hope that the installation helps to promote the recollection of fond memories.

Installation at Coventry Transport museum

The gulls also reflect memories in a wider sense, as sadly 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 live with dementia, which is represented by 4 pale gulls as a reflection of the possible cloudiness and unfamiliarity that people living with dementia may face. The remaining 20 gulls are a nod to the future, a comment on how the number of people living with dementia will double every 20 years.