Health and wellbeing in North Yorkshire

Looking after our health and wellbeing is key to ensuring that we feel good, live well and enjoy life. There is a range of services and support to help you to make changes to your lifestyle.

The Public Health team at North Yorkshire County Council provides a range of information on health and wellbeing on the Staying Healthy webpages:

Drugs, alcohol and smoking
Find advice and support about stopping smoking, drug and alcohol misuse and hepatitis C:

Healthy lifestyles
Find out about breastfeeding, eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight and good oral health:

Health and the environment
Find out about skin awareness and sun exposure risk, the risks to health from climate change and avoiding infection:

Long-term conditions
Find out about reducing the risks of developing cancer, diabetes or heart disease as well as treatments for these conditions. You can also find out how to help yourself to stay healthy:

Older people
Find out about winter health, fuel poverty, falls prevention and healthcare for older people:

Sexual health and contraception
Find out about sexual health, chlamydia screening, HIV and contraception:

Mental health
Find out about maintaining your mental health through an awareness of potential issues and how to prevent them developing:

Learning disabilities
Find information and support if you have a learning disability:

NHS Health Checks
Find out how to reduce your risk of developing health problems with an NHS Health Check:

Useful websites
NHS Choices:

NHS Health Checks: