Help and advice from Social Services

Help and advice from Social Services

There may be a time when you need some help or advice from Blackpool Social Services. Our aim is to support independence and choice and enable people to find help, and learn or re-learn the skills they need, so that they have the confidence to live independently.

Anyone can contact us for free advice and information about a variety of care and support options available locally.

Contact Social Services Direct on: 01253 477592 or visit Blackpool Council website for more information:

Contacting Blackpool Social Services
Whatever your level of need, we will always offer advice and direct you to people who can help you if we can’t.

You can visit, telephone or write to us or you can ask a friend, relative or your GP or nurse to contact us on your behalf.

If you are in hospital, the nursing staff can arrange for us to contact you, either during your stay in hospital, or on your return home. Alternatively NHS workers in the community can, with your permission, pass your information to us for follow up.

If you are a carer (you provide regular and substantial care to a relative or friend, and are not paid for it), you are entitled to an assessment of your needs, regardless of whether the person you look after receives services from us or not.

For further information, please visit the website: or call Social Services Direct on 01253 477592.