Helpful equipment

If you are having difficulty with daily living tasks, such as toileting, washing, dressing or remembering medication, it may be that the Council can help you to find a different way of carrying out the task. You may need a small piece of equipment – such as a raised toilet seat or a rail – which will allow you to continue to remain independent.

There is a wide range of equipment and adaptations to assist you with daily living and a number of organisations that can help you to choose what best suits your needs. The Bromley Independent Living Centre at Lewis House in Beckenham can provide you with information and guidance on equipment that may be of help. For further information Bromley MyLife:

Bromley Council has a list of accredited retailers in the local area which can be found on the Bromley MyLife site. It may be a good idea to contact one of the retailers
or visit their websites to see what options are available. This is the quickest way to get the small pieces of equipment that you may need.

Equipment and small adaptations
These suppliers can provide advice and sell you small
items such as:
• washing and dressing aids;
• bathing and toileting aids; and
• kitchen and meal preparation aids.

The accreditation means that they have met the Department of Health standards for assessment and provision of small aids to independent living. As part of the standard, they have received training from the Council.

You may be eligible for help from Bromley Council, but the demand for occupational therapist services is high and it may take some time for you to be seen. Initial requests for advice about occupational therapy assessment should be made through Bromley Social Services Direct, who can be contacted by phone: 020 8461 7777 or by email at If you are eligible (having a permanent, substantial physical disability) for a service, you will be offered an assessment.

For short term conditions and rehabilitation, NHS occupational therapists will provide equipment. For further information Bromley MyLife: