Helping you to understand who is eligible for support and funding from Bromley Council

Getting a Council care assessment

If you think you or someone you care for needs a care assessment, please visit or contact Bromley Council on 0208 461 7777. You can also email to get further advice and guidance.

Financial assessment and eligibility

For people with capital and savings over £23,250

You may also request that the Council arranges your care and support services. If you do ask the Council to arrange your care and support services, the Council will charge an arrangement fee. To find out what the current fees are, visit

Paying for home care

Over the last few years the Council has been working hard to modernise its approach to adult social care; this has included:

  • working with service users and carers to plan solutions that meet the individual’s needs;
  • actively helping people manage risks so that they are able to make choices, keep control of their support and still remain safe;
  • training and supporting staff so that they have the right skills and approach to help people stay as independent as possible;
  • providing good-quality information, advice and guidance through this Directory and the Bromley MyLife website (, so that people can make well-informed decisions;
  • working with local communities and partners to develop a range of services that promote independent living; and
  • working within the community and with partners to ensure that vulnerable people are safe and protected from abuse.

Personal Budgets

How do Personal Budgets work?
Following a care assessment, and if it is decided that you are eligible for social care support, you will be advised of your ‘indicative’ Personal Budget. This is the amount that the Council thinks should ‘roughly’ cover the costs of meeting your needs and is the sum of money that the Council will contribute to meet your assessed care needs if you are eligible for financial support.

For more information about Personal Budgets, visit

Getting help managing your Personal Budget or Direct Payment
If you are offered a Personal Budget or Direct Payment, you may be concerned about how to manage this and how to go about planning your own support. Bromley Council works with a partner agency called Vibrance, which will be able to give you specialist advice on managing your Personal Budget or Direct Payment and guidance and assistance in planning your support.

For further information on Vibrance, visit

Direct Payments

For more information about Direct Payments, visit