Hertfordshire Enablement

Hertfordshire Enablement

Run in partnership with Goldsborough Homecare, Hertfordshire Enablement service aims to deliver benefits to older people with physical and/or mental health problems by helping people to live as independently as possible, preferably in their own home. This could be achieved through home care, home adaptations, Telecare or with information and advice about the range of support services available. Enablement beds in community settings will be provided for anyone who might not be able to manage living at home.

Anyone who has been referred to adult social care services for ongoing support – for example from a hospital or a specialist mental health team, or through the council’s customer service centre – and who meets Health and Community Services’ eligibility criteria will go through enablement unless they are de-selected by the council. This will only be the case if it is believed that the person will not benefit from the service. It is expected that 80 per cent of new referrals will go through the service.

Within 24 hours of being referred, Health and Community Services aim to have a package in place for people which will help them stay independent by learning and/or re-learning the skills required for daily living.

The service is free at the point of delivery for up to six weeks, after which time it is expected that many people will have reduced or no care needs in the future.

For further information, visit: www.hertsdirect.org and type ‘enablement’ into the search box.