Employees at Holmes Care Group have enjoyed celebrating their annual “Staff Appreciation Week” incentive this week.

The group scheme recognises and celebrates staff members’ contributions to the company. Throughout the week several company-wide events and activities have been planned for over 1,000 employees, to thank them for their dedication to advancing the Holmes Care Group mission.

Staff Appreciation Week events and activities include hand written thank you cards, certificates of appreciation, special promotions, prize raffles, free lunches, and other special offerings.

‘Staff Appreciation Week’ was introduced by the company to demonstrate to employees just how much they are valued. Since its launch, the initiative has become so popular across the Group that employees are continually coming up with new ideas to make each year even more special and rewarding. Comments from staff thus far have included “ I have never worked for a company who have been so nice to the staff” and “I have never had a thank you card that was actually signed by the manager”.

Holmes Care Group were recently recognised for their Staff Appreciation Scheme at the 2017 Employee Benefits Awards after being shortlisted as finalists in the ‘Most Motivational Benefits’ category.