Home Improvement Agencies in Somerset

Somerset ‘My Home, My Life’ is a partnership contract between Millbrook Healthcare, which provides a Community Equipment Service (CES), and Aster Living, which provides a Home Improvement Agency Service. This contract is delivered to Somerset residents using a unique joined-up approach to help people live as safely and independently as possible in the home of their choice.

Aster Living is the preferred provider of Home Improvement Agency services for Somerset. They are funded by us, the district councils and NHS Somerset to help you arrange a major adaptation to your home if you need it.

They can provide technical services, such as drawing plans and getting quotations for work. They work with occupational therapists in Adult Social Services and the district councils to make sure the work progresses smoothly. They keep lists of reliable contractors, who can provide a quality service and make sure that everything is as it should be when the work is finished. They can help you to complete the works privately if you are not eligible for funding under the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) means test.

For more information about the Home Improvement Agency service provided by Aster Living, please phone: 0333 400 8299.

It also provides a subsidised handyperson service called ‘Handihelp’ which can help you with small repairs, maintenance and minor adaptations (not funded by us). A charge is made for this service which is subsidised by the local authority, keeping costs reasonable. The service will provide a quotation if you ask for one. Staff also carry out free home safety checks when they visit you.

The ‘Handihelp’ service is also available as a home from hospital discharge service if you need minor repairs and adaptations to your home to make sure that your move back is safe. Some parts of this service may be provided at no cost to you.

For more information about the ‘Handihelp’ service, or to book an appointment, please phone: 0333 400 8299 or email: handihelp@asterliving.co.uk

You can look on its website: www.asterliving.co.uk/adapting-your-home/handihelp or you can get more information by phoning us on: 0300 123 2224.

Note: If you are registered disabled with Adult Social Care Services, you will be exempt from paying VAT on certain types of works done to adapt your home* or on equipment bought specifically to meet your disability needs.

*You should be given a form to claim VAT relief when you buy your equipment or adaptations. Information on VAT relief for disabled people can be found at: www.gov.uk/financial-help-disabled/vat-relief