Housing-related support in Somerset – Pathways

Housing-related support in Somerset is now provided through two ‘pathways’:

  • Pathways to Independence (P2I)

  • Pathway for Adults (P4A)

Somerset Pathways to Independence (P2I)

Somerset Pathways to Independence (P2I) is a multi-agency, integrated housing-related support service for young people aged 16 to 25.

It includes care leavers who live in, or have a local connection with, the Somerset area.

The service allows young people with housing-related needs to progress along a pathway of personal goals until they can live independently. It also tries to prevent the need for a young person to step onto the pathway at all, through targeted prevention.

The Somerset P2I service aims to prevent youth homelessness and enable the young people who are on the pathway to progress from support and supervision to independent living by providing:

  • mediation for young people to remain in the family home (where appropriate);
  • floating support;
  • emergency accommodation for young people;
  • supported accommodation;
  • support to identify move-on accommodation; and
  • resettlement support for young people.

Pathway for Adults (P4A)

The Pathway for Adults (P4A) programme purchases support services for single people experiencing poor mental health who find it difficult to get or keep a tenancy.

Rent and other housing costs are usually funded through Housing Benefit from the district councils. Support staff help people develop the skills they need to get a tenancy and keep it.

This service supports people who do not have the resilience or resources, either by themselves, or with their family or community, to overcome exclusion and helps them to find stability.

The service has three elements:

  1. Outreach support to help prevent people from becoming homeless or to help them retain an existing tenancy.
  2. Support in provider-managed accommodation.
  3. Support with resettlement to more sustainable longer-term accommodation.