The Dying Matters campaign aims to create an open culture that talks about death and where people feel able to listen and support those who are planning for end of life, who are dying and who have been bereaved.

This year, the theme is about what it is to be #InAGoodPlace when you die.

Where people die is changing. More and more people have been dying at home in recent years. COVID-19 has seen this number surge upwards even further, with more than 1,000 extra people dying at home each week. The pandemic has proven it is more important than ever for families to think about it, talk about it and to plan for it.

Being in a good place to die

According to their research, a year on from the first lockdown, there have been 60,000 excess deaths at home – that’s more than 1,000 additional people dying in their homes every week, compared to pre-pandemic. It also found that when asked, 4 in 5 people said they would prefer to die at home.

However, people are uncomfortable thinking about their own deaths, and many people in the UK do not have end of life plans in place because they are unaware of what to do, and unsure of how to talk about it. In fact, their recent research revealed just three in ten adults know how to make arrangements to ensure they die in the place they would wish to.


There are many things to think about when it comes to planning for the end of life – be they practical things like making a will, or spiritual and emotional things like talking about death and making sure loved ones receive the care they want.

Dying Matters have a range of free, downloadable leaflets containing useful information in a clear and easy to read manner on subjects including:

  • making plans,
  • writing wills,
  • bereavement,
  • talking to children about death,
  • avoiding misconceptions about dying.

Download these resources from their website

Further resources and useful information

Read our guest post from Beth Britton Organising a person’s end of life care plan. Beth writes about the importance of prioritising end of life care planning, and offers some ideas to get you started.

For information on will writing, our article: The importance of having an up-to-date will may be of use.